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If your motorhome or caravan needs a clean after storage, in preparation for a sale or just a general smarten up you need Motorhomevalet.

I can provide expert care for your caravan or motorhome. My previous career was nearly 30 years in Honda Swindon where one of my main responsibilities  included Quality management of the finished car. Before being sent to dealerships & customers I have several years experience of valeting motorhomes and caravans in a professional capacity. I myself have owned a camper for over eight years and so pay attention to all the important details.

I use products that are kind to your van and pride myself in providing a first class service I am prepared to take the time to ensure your van looks its best. No Motorhome or Caravan are the same so I use my experience and knowledge for the best result on you particular vehicle.

I can valet your van at your home, at your place of work or at your storage facility. Power and water supplies are not essential, as I can provide my own. No van is too large or too small although RVs and Fifth wheels are subject to prior inspection.

Based in Swindon, Wilts, I can easily valet your van in the local and surrounding areas. I am happy to travel further, but a small mileage charge will be incurred.



from £95
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  • Body of motorhome / caravan shampooed - using a high quality wax-wash helps bring your van towards that showroom finish
  • All sills and edges hand worked to remove algae & staining
  • Wheels and wheel arches thoroughly cleaned - I use a safe non-acid wheel cleaner to get your wheels sparkingly clean.
  • Window, door and locker shuts cleaned - this helps keep the van clean with no dirty streaks
  • Engine bay shuts and landing platform cleaned carefully (diesels only)- this area is often overlooked.
  • Bike racks and ladders cleaned and brightened - removing any algae and restoring the finish.
  • Bodywork rinsed and coated with an Aquawax - although not as good as a full wax this will help keep your van in good condition.
  • Caravan / motorhome dried using soft drying cloths - I prefer drying cloths as they are kinder to the surface of your van.
  • All windows cleaned to remove any watermarks.
Time to complete approx. four to five hours


from £345
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This top of the range valet includes everything in the Standard and Premium Valets plus rejuvenating your van to a pristine condition ( this is done before waxing in this service).

Over time the surface of your motorhome or caravan can become dull, yellowed, faded and scratched. Using specially formulated marine grade compounds I can gently remove a microscopic layer of the dull and damaged surface then wax to bring it back to a stunning gloss finish.

Once completed this finish should last for many years if my after care instructions are followed.
Time to complete approx. nine plus hours
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Why Use Motorhomevalet?

Having worked vehicle manufacturing trade and being a camper owner myself I realised that owners were not getting the quality of service they deserved. Every job that I undertake is a "Job of the Week" and I take the utmost care to provide a first class service. I have extensive experience of valeting vehicles old and new and have the skills and knowledge to care for your caravan or motorhome. With my experience in Quality I know that body and paintwork is not the same as cars or commercial vehicles, so they require specialist treatment and products.

How far does Motorhomevalet travel?

I am based in Swindon, Wilts and will travel to surrounding areas / counties I charge 50p per mile. I try to use the shortest routes to my customers and do not charge anything extra such as hotels etc. If you prefer, you can come to my workshop based in Cirencester GL7 and I can valet your caravan / motorhome there. Arrangements can be made to leave your vehicle with me for a few days if that suits.

What if the weather is bad?

I can cope with most weather that can be expected in the UK but occasionally will have to reschedule an appointment. I will do my best to adhere to a booking, but, to be able to provide a first class job there are times when its best for mother nature to take her course. If the weather is too bad I will inform you as soon as is possible and reschedule.

How long will it take to valet my van?

I give approximate times on the Prices section on this page, but this can vary depending on weather and  van condition.

Do I have to be present whilst you valet my van?

You will not need to be present whilst I valet your van but I will need the caravan / motorhome to be open and have a key to the lockers to enable me to clean all window and locker shuts.

Do you have premises?

I do have premises to valet motorhomes / caravans, I also operate a mobile service. I find either option is convenient for my customers.

Why is there only a mobile phone number for Motorhomevalet?

I run Motorhomevalet myself so the best way for me to keep in touch at all times is by using a mobile phone. This  also helps to keep costs low and enable me to provide a better service. If you call and I don't answer it probably means that I am busy with a valet so please leave a message and I will get back to you.

How long will you keep my booking?

When you make a booking I will ask for your address, contact telephone number and if water and electric are available. Once I have these details your booking will be confirmed. Due to high work load I can only hold a provisional booking for the maximum of three days

Do you work weekends?

I always try to fit my customers in at times that are suitable to them however due to high work load I try to keep weekends free in case of bad weather the previous week

Can I have my interior valeted?

At the moment interior valets are not being offered by Motorhomevalet

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