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 To eliminate personal contact as much as possible. I will bring my own refreshments and ask for payment via BACS or PayPal or money left in the van. I ask that the van is open and locker keys are somewhere by mutual agreement where I will leave them when I finished

About Motorhomevalet

I can provide expert care for your caravan or motorhome .


Based in Swindon, Wilts, I can easily valet motorhomes and caravans in:-


and Somerset

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Motorhomevalet will take care of your pride and joy using the correct products that will result in a showroom finish for your caravan or motorhome. All my prices are as listed; I do not use the term "from". I offer a full care package for your motorhome or caravan. I can come to you or you can stay at a site near me

Standard Exterior Valet (not just a quick wash)

                 All prices quoted are for 2021


  • Roof thoroughly cleaned - removing any algae and moss, this is most important to get right as it is usually the source of those dreaded black streaks.

  • Snow Foam all the van - this loosens up all the dirt and grit with minimal contact to the surface of the van

  • Body of motorhome / caravan shampooed - using a high quality wax-wash helps bring your van towards that showroom finish

  • Wheels and wheel arches thoroughly cleaned - I use a safe non-acid wheel cleaner to get your wheels sparkingly clean.

  • Window, door and locker shuts cleaned - this helps keep the van clean with no dirty streaks

  • Fridge vents removed and cleaned - my method will ensure this often neglected area is cleaned and dried.

  • Engine bay shuts and landing platform cleaned carefully (diesels only)- this area is often overlooked.

  • Bike racks and ladders cleaned and brightened - removing any algae and restoring the finish.

  • Bodywork rinsed and coated with an Aquawax - although not as good as a full wax this will help keep your van in good condition.

  • Caravan / motorhome dried using soft drying cloths - I prefer drying cloths as they are kinder to the surface of your van.

  • All windows cleaned to remove any watermarks.

Time to complete approx. three to four hours




Caravans - - - - - £65.00
Motorhomes - - - £65.00

Premium Exterior Valet

To give a longer lasting finish this service everything in the Standard Exterior Valet, plus:

  • Tar and tree resin spots removed - to acheive that fresh from the showroom finish.

  • A hand applied wax coating - all caravans and motorhomes are constructed using several different materials each of which may require different types of wax. I use an appropriate wax for each surface to ensure maximum protection.

  • Bumpers, handles, all trims and tyres dressed - to help show your van at its best.

  • Restore all your acrylic windows - this will remove all the small scratches from hedges etc. and remove any fogging that occurs over time leaving your windows sparkling clear.

  • Window, locker and door seals treated - this helps keep the rubber flexible and in good condition.

​Time to complete approx. six to eight hours


                                      Caravans £140.00
                                       Motorhomes £140.00

Exterior Rejuvenation Valet*

This top of the range valet includes everything in the Standard and Premium Valets plus rejuvenating your van to a pristine condition ( this is done before waxing in this service). Over time the surface of your motorhome or caravan can become dull, yellowed, faded and scratched. Using specially formulated marine grade compounds I can gently remove a microscopic layer of the dull and damaged surface then wax to bring it back to a stunning gloss finish. Once completed this finish should last for many years if my after care instructions are followed.
Time to complete approx. nine plus hours
                                Caravans £270.00
                                Motorhomes £270.00


*Due to the time this valet takes to complete I can only offer it during British Summertime. 

Currently Motorhomevalet is not offering internal valets

07933622620 please leave a message if I'm busy valeting, or better to:


2021 is fully booked until Mid October








 Interior Valets no longer available

If you would like to contact me for more information about my services or to book a valet, you can fill in the form, email me (prefered), send me a text message or give me a call

Why not have a look at my Frequently Asked Questions page

When you make a booking I will ask for your address, contact telephone number and if water and electric are available. Once I have these details your booking will be confirmed. Due to high work load I can only hold a provisional booking for the maximum of three days

How did you find us?  

If your motorhome or caravan needs a clean after storage, in preparation for a sale or just a general smarten up you need Motorhomevalet.

I can provide expert care for your caravan or motorhome.

I have several years experience of valeting motorhomes and caravans in a professional capacity. I myself have owned a motorhome for over fourteen years and so pay attention to all the important details.
I use products that are kind to your van and pride myself in providing a first class service I am prepared to take the time to ensure your van looks its best

I can valet your van at your home, at your place of work or at your storage facility. Power and water supplies are not essential, as I can provide my own. No van is too large or too small although RVs and Fifth wheels are subject to prior inspection.

Based in Swindon, Wilts, I can easily valet your van in:-
and Somerset
You will not be charged mileage within a twenty mile radius of Swindon, Wilts. I am happy to travel further, but a small mileage charge will be incurred.

Here are some comments that I have received, if you would like to comment on service received from Motorhomevalet please use the form at the bottom of this page

The MH was looking grubby, with black streaks appearing down the sides and the roof looked dirty too. We have tried the wash process before, but as we don't have a driveway, we have to use a commercial system of some sort. Once the cost of this and the cost of the products is totalled, it seemed very good value to avail ourselves of Mike's business.
He has done a magnificient, professional job of restoring the paint to a beautiful sheen and removing all the black marks.
We highly recommend this service,it was worth every penny - he cleaned the roof too (which is still clean 5 months later).

Mike has done a few of my vans and on each occasion done a very professional job. The motorhomes always look absolutely stunning when complete. I appreciate all the tips and advice that Mike is able to offer on how to look after and clean your van. As he states on his website a motorhome is made of many different elements which all require different cleaning and preservation methods.
I cannot recommend Mike highly enough, each time I buy a new van he is the first person I call to get that valuable coat of wax onto it.
Only drawback is getting an appointment, as the word has spread about how good a job gets done the harder it is to get your van booked in; a true testament to the many who recognize and appreciate the level of service offered

We have just had Mike from: to valet our motorhome……Wow he has made a fantastic job, looks like a new van. I can highly recommend this guy, thanks Mike and I’ll be ringing you again next year

The service is exceptional and Mike takes great pride in his work, not a single area was missed. Our van looked better than when we collected it from new... Prices are very reasonable. I would fully recommend Mike and will definately use him again. Thanks for a job so well done.

Mike has just valeted my campervan. Fifi is now stood on the drive sparkling away and smelling lovely. Exceptional service and fantastic value for money. No skimping on the clean, every nook and cranny cleaned and waxed to perfection. Highly recommended. Thanks Mike.
Mrs S Y

Mike was absolutely fantastic, he took so
much pride in leaving my Motorhome spotless ,..very thorough clean .
Left my 1995 vehicle in showroom condition. Mr M.W.

I have been very pleased with the valet of my
rather elderly motorhome, which now looks 10 years younger! Prompt
efficient and good value service - thank you, I would highly recommend
your service. Mr C.M.

We decided to have our motor caravan professionally cleaned because we could no longer cope with it ourselves because of disability. We decided to use
Motorhome valet and we were so pleased that we did he turned up when he said he would and made our motor caravan look like new he did a fantastic job and it made you proud to drive it along, well done Mike we will definitely be using your service again.
Mr S B

Our van looks like new !!!
Our van was looking rather grubby after a summers touring around the UK.As we do not have the facilities for giving it a good clean ourselves, we decided to go for a professional exterior valet. We enlisted the services of a fellow Funster, F J mike, who trades under the name of " motorhomevalet " and is based in Swindon. Mike travelled to the Mayfield Park campsite Cirencester, where we were based for a few days, to carry out the work. I have to say that Mike did a superb job and we are happy to recommend his services to others. Details of Mikes services can be found on his website.
Thanks very much Mike, we may well be calling upon your services again next year.

Mike was brilliant, making our caravan look brand new again! Really thorough and professional service -

 we will definitely use him again and would recommend him to anyone. AB

We contacted Mike to do an exterior valet on our accord 570 in Reading and the results were exceptional. 

He spent nearly 6 hours and his attention to detail was so meticulous, he cleaned every seal and left the

  caravan looking as good as new. 
Just praying for good weather over the bank holiday now!!!! 

Thanks again Mike will definitely recommend AR




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